Park Rules



For Casual Occupants Holiday Parks (Long-term Casual Occupation) Act 2002

These Park Rules for Casual Occupants form part of the Occupancy Agreement. These rules relate to the use, enjoyment, control and management of the holiday park. They apply to occupants (including their guests, visitors and invitees) when they are on the holiday park, including any area administered or cared for by the park owner.

These rules are designed for the safety and protection of occupants and for the protection of property.

  2. All occupants and visitors of the park shall not use the site for any purposes that may be illegal or damaging to the reputation of the Park Owner or its agents or occupiers of other sites, or which may interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another site by its occupiers, or which may interfere with the general management of the Park.
  3. Commercial subletting of the site is not permitted under any circumstances
  4. FEES
  5. All fees are payable in advance and in strict accordance with your Occupation Agreement. Site holders are not permitted to access their vans if fees are not paid up to date.
  7. The Park Office operates from 8:00am to 6.00pm in summer – 9:00am to 5:00 pm in winter.
  8. The Park Kiosk is open on every weekend and public holiday from 8:30am – 6.00pm time from October long weekend to Easter long weekend. The Park Kiosk does not operate during the park closure period.
    1. Occupants must comply with any directions of the park owner in relation to compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.
    2. Any installation, alteration, addition, or repair of the occupant’s dwelling may only be undertaken by a licensed tradesperson.
    3. Occupants must ensure that no tradesperson enters the holiday park until that person has provided license, public liability and workers compensation insurance details to the park owner, and until the park owner is satisfied that the person is familiar with any relevant WHS requirements applicable to the park.
  11. The occupant should act in a courteous and considerate manner towards the park owner, the park manager and their respective employees or contractors and other occupants and guests of the park.
  12. The park owner, the park manager and their respective employees or contractors should act in a courteous and considerate manner towards occupants and guests of the park.
  14. The Principal Occupant will pay the caravan Park Owner for the use of any electricity, gas and water used by the occupants provided that such services are individually metered.
  15. The usage of piggy back leads and double adapters are not permitted on site.
  16. Only 15amp power cords with 15amp terminals at each end shall be used to connect moveable dwellings to the park’s electrical supply outlets. The recommended maximum length of cord is 15metres.
  17. Electricity will only be supplied to tents and camper trailers without fixed inlet points where an approved earth leakage safety cut out device is connected to the main supply line.
  18. Power may only be drawn from one outlet only. Additional cords plugged in adjoining sites will be removed without notice.
  20. Care and consideration of other users of should be employed at all times.
  21. Bicycles may be ridden on the park roads at the same speed limit as motor vehicles in the park (5km/h).
  22. Helmets are to be worn at all times. BMX type activities are not permitted at any time.
  23. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and roller blades are not permitted to be ridden after dusk, or when the street/park lights come on or near the amenities blocks.
  24. The Principal Occupant is responsible for the control of any bicycle rider residing on or visiting their site and is liable for any claim, suit, action or demand that may be brought against the rider or Park Manager resulting from injury, death or property damage of any tenant or visitor to the park, caused by the rider of the bicycle.
  25. The Park Manager may confiscate any bike, skateboard, scooter or rollerblades or any other recreational equipment used by the Occupant or guests, if in the opinion of the Park Manager:
  26. The equipment is being used in a manner that is dangerous for the user or other park users or both.
  27. The use is not in accordance with the park rules.
  • The use is such to cause a nuisance.
  1. The equipment is being used in areas where use is not permitted.
  2. Any equipment confiscated will be returned within 36 hours of the time the equipment was confiscated.
  3. The tractor in the park can be used by the Principal Occupant provided permission has been granted by the Park Manager. Each driver must be at a sober state and hold a current driver license. No other passengers are permitted to ride on the tractor.
  5. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children in the park.
  6. Children under the age of ten are not permitted in the showers, toilets or laundries unless attended by an adult or teenage person.
  7. Children under the age of eighteen are not permitted to handle any vehicles in the park.
  9. Occupants must not offend against the law at the park or use the dwelling unit for the furtherance of any criminal activity.
  11. Occupants must not commit any acts of vandalism.
  13. Occupants must not carry any firearm or any other weapon at the park.
  15. Occupants must not use, or be under the influence of, any unlawful drugs or substances.
  17. Occupants must not undertake, participate or be involved in any antisocial behavior.
  19. Occupants must not carry on any trade or business in the park.
  21. Occupants must not keep or care for any pets, poultry or animals on the site or in the dwelling, except with the prior written permission of the park owner.
  23. All garbage must be placed in the receptacles or the areas provided for the purpose.
  24. In the interests of hygiene and to minimise offensive odors, all domestic rubbish must be wrapped or bagged before being placed in the collection bins.
  25. Recyclable materials should be placed in the designated containers. Please note the signs that indicate the materials that are suitable for deposit in the recycling bins.
  26. The Park garbage disposal facilities are not to be used for the dumping of disused furniture, white goods, machinery, car parts, building materials, large tree limbs and the like. Principal Occupants are responsible for disposal of such items at authorised rubbish tips outside the Park.
  27. Do not empty the fire bins on your own, please inform the Park Manager if the fire bin is full.
  28. Garden refuse must not be placed in any of the garbage bins. Any material considered unsuitable must be disposed of as per (d) above.
  29. Littering is not an acceptable behavior in this Park.
  31. At any one time, only one car and one boat or two cars are permitted on each site. The vehicles must be able to fit within the site.
  32. The speed limit for all vehicles in the park is 5km/h.
  33. Pedestrians have right of way at all times.
  34. Unregistered motor vehicles are not permitted in the park.
  35. All vehicle drivers must bear a current driver license issued by the road and traffic authority of its respective state.
  36. Occupants must ensure that their vehicles are insured against public risk.
  38. Occupants must not park any vehicle so that it endangers or is likely to endanger another person or property of any other person.
  39. Occupants must not allow any vehicle, boat or trailer to be parked on any road in the park.
  40. Occupants must park any vehicle, boat or trailer on the site.
  41. Visitors, guests and contractors must use the visitor parking area to park their vehicles while they are on the park.
  42. Where there is no room to park either on the site or in the other parking areas within the park, the vehicle, boat or trailer must be removed from the park immediately.
  44. The site allocated to the Principal Occupant must be kept clean and tidy at all times in line with management standards.
  45. Articles left outside unoccupied vans may be considered as rubbish and will be removed.
  46. Any equipment that create noise pollution will not be permitted during peak periods.
  47. No surplus equipment or property is to be left on the ground outside or under tents, caravans, annex or reloadable homes.
  48. Temporary clotheslines are not permitted.
  49. Sullage and sewage shall be discharged into the sewer inlet points provided.
  50. Waste pipes and drains shall not be used for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed and no sweepings or rubbish or other unsuitable substance shall be deposited therein. Any damage or blockage to such waste pipes or drains from misuse or negligence shall be the responsibility of the Principal Occupant whether the same is caused by his own actions or those members of his household or his servants or agents or tenant or guests.
  51. Removal of or damaging trees and shrubs are prohibited. Pruning may be permitted where the prior approval of the Park Manager has been obtained. Where an Occupant considers a tree or trees to represent a safety hazard, the Occupant may request the Park Manager to have a licensed arborist assess the situation for appropriate remedial action.
  52. Any plants/trees placed and grown in the park ground become fixtures of the park and must be left in order when the site is vacated.
  53. Exterior potted plants are permitted on any site subject to the Park Manager’s approval.
  54. The Occupant shall not paint, affix or display any signs, notices, posters, placards, banners or like matter to or on part of his dwelling or the site or fixtures on the site without the prior consent of the Park Management.
  55. Must keep site appearance of being mobile at all times. Axles and drawbars must not be removed.
  56. On departure, the Occupant shall remove all rubbish and surplus materials and leave the site in a clean and tidy condition.
  57. On departure, vans must have power and water disconnected. Gas supply must be turned off at the bottle valve.
  58. The onus is on all site holders to keep grass with-in their site boundaries neatly mowed and snipped at all times. Gardens should be free of weeds.
  60. Occupants must not store materials of any kind on the site or the moveable dwelling or any associated structure that are not for normal domestic use.
  61. Occupants must not store any flammable liquids or chemicals.
  62. Occupants must ensure that goods stored on the site or in the moveable dwelling or associated structure do not create a health or fire risk.
  63. Occupants must ensure that no goods of any type remain outside the dwelling when the occupant is not in residence in the park.
  64. Occupants must ensure that any goods left on the site while the occupant is in residence, such as bikes, barbeques, are locked or secured.
  65. NOISE
  66. Undue noise is prohibited at all times.
  67. Restriction of noise is in place between 11pm and 8am.
  68. No Principal Occupant may make or permit any objectionable noise in the Park thereby interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of the other occupiers, those having business with them or of any person lawfully using the common property.
  69. All musical instruments, radios, sound recorders and amplifier television receivers and the like shall be controlled so that the sound arising from it is reasonable and does not cause annoyance to other occupiers.
  70. Principal Occupants shall not conduct social gatherings on their site or elsewhere in the Park, which gives rise to any noise that interferes with the peace and quiet of any other occupier at any time of the day or night.
  71. The use of lawn mowers, other motorized garden equipment and power tools that creates noise pollution is not permitted between the hours of 6pm and 8am.
  73. Occupants shall not waste water and shall ensure that all taps in the park or on site are promptly turned off after use and have washers maintained in good order and condition.
  74. Hot water taps must not be left running into unplugged tubs or basins.
  75. Occupants must comply with any locally enforced water-restrictions.
  76. Laundry must be removed from the washing machines and clothes dryers as soon as possible after the cycle is completed.
  77. Any faulty equipment, leaking taps or cisterns should be notified to the Park Manager as soon as is practical after they are detected.
  78. Children are not permitted to play in the amenities blocks.
  79. Children under 10 are not permitted in the amenity block unless accompanied by an adult.
  81. Notification of telephone and other messages for tenants may be collected from the Park Manager during office hours.
  82. Only bona fide urgent messages will be delivered to the sites and this service is limited by the availability of staff.
  84. Entry and exit through the parks boom gates, using the PIN system is restricted to the specific vehicles for which the PIN has been issued. When detected, use of the PIN for the entry/exit of unauthorised vehicles will result in the withdrawal of the facility from the person to whom it was originally granted.
  85. The occupants at the park should advise the park office of any requirement to admit medical, community services or trade vehicles on their behalf.
  87. Children under the age of 10 must not be in an amenity block unless accompanied by an adult.
  88. Playing in and around an amenity block is not permitted.
  90. Children under the age of 10 may not use the playground equipment unless supervised by an adult.
  92. Rules for Use and Time of Use, as posted on or near other facilities and amenities, must be observed.
  94. Occupants should inform the Park Manager beforehand if you expect to arrive the park late at night or out of daylight hours.
  95. Passengers are not permitted to ride on the back of utes or on top of the cars.
  96. The visitors must stop at kiosk and pay entrance fees upon arrival. There are no refunds for early departures.
  97. Day visitors may stay until 8pm, Additional fees will apply if they stay after this time.
  98. The tractor is only be used by the permission of management.
  99. The boat ramp is to be used at your own risk.
  100. All vans must be insured for 3rdparty property damage, public liability and personal injury risk for your 10×10. The park owner must be noted as an interested party on the policy.
  101. A maximum of 6 people are to stay at one site at any one time.
  102. The visitors are not to sleep in their cars.
  103. Occupants should advise the park office of any requirement to admit medical, community services or trade vehicles on their behalf.
  104. Hawking of goods or services and religious canvassing are not permitted in the Park.
  105. Legitimate charity collections and sale of registered raffle and art union tickets in the Park, must have prior approval of the Park Manager, where appropriate.
  106. Please ensure the park has your current contact details at all times.
  107. Notwithstanding any of the Park Rules set out above, all occupants and visitors shall observe the terms of any notice displayed by the Park Management affecting operations and activities in the Park.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime on 0448959602, email